Be More Creative and Inventive

Creative Coaching Modalities

Evocative, creative coaching methods to help leaders and business owners be more inventive and resilient as they face new realities in a VUCA world.

Be more inventive or reinvent

tools to unlock creative thinking in one to one or group coaching

"tapping into the brain and hand connection to expand possibility"

"communicate through metaphor"

Creativity was selected as the most crucial factor for future success in a global study of 1500 CEOs, who believed instilling creativity throughout an organization can help enterprises handle a highly volatile, increasingly complex business environment.

  • Increase their capacity to produce original ideas

  • Flexibly adapt to change and solve problems creatively

  • Instill creativity throughout their organizations

The experience enhances clients’ resourcefulness and ability to gain new perspectives, reframe challenges, and challenge limiting beliefs. My coaching process going beyond holding a conversation and delivers more impact in less time. The experience will give you hands-on opportunities to practice creative thinking and will help increase your creative confidence.


Learn how to use creative right-brain processes to deepen exploration around a concept or belief, shift the energy in a group, access intuition, and create powerful rituals. This presentation will be a blend of education and experiential learning that draws on research in neuroscience, the study of metaphor, creativity coaching and expressive art therapy.



I support clients as a creative thinking and practice partner

The experience will take you beyond traditional coaching and facilitation, making the coaching experience more powerful and effective – not to mention, enjoyable. I help clients turn up the volume on their creativity.



My process incorporates adult learning theory, positive psychology, and non-traditional evidence-based techniques to bypass resistance and get results faster.

“A confidential, thought-provoking, results-driven, and creative process tailored to inspire leaders in maximizing their personal and professional potential.”

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