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Develop Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills Practicum for Managers (10-20 people)

The ability to coach is one of the most in-demand workplace skills for leaders. However, few managers have any training in using coaching as an employee development tool, and may be wasting their time and energy, or missing opportunities, in their earnest efforts to wing it. Coaching is a skill that can be learned. Like any skill, it requires practice  — and time.  This short course is a fantastic opportunity for managers to learn foundational coaching skills and have dedicated time to practice them away from their teams.


  • Face-to-face group training

  • Active learning, with breakouts in smaller groups and dyads for practicing specific coaching skills

  • Post-activity feedback by peers and coaching expert 

  • Debrief: common challenges and solutions to overcome them


This Course

  • Clearly defines what coaching is and isn't (i.e. providing advice or solutions)

  • Allocates time for participants to reflect on what they've learned, what went well and what they could do better

  • Provides a safe space for managers to practice coaching before working with their teams

Coaching Techniques Covered

  • Creating a psychologically safe space for your coaching conversation

  • listening

  • uestioning

  • Giving feedback

  • Pointing out strengths and abilities

  • Clarifying goals and perceived roadblocks

  • showing empathy

  • Helping the coachee arrive at their own solution

  • recognizing and pointing out stremghts

  • providing structure

Intended Audience:

Ideal for managers/leaders or HR/talent development managers/directors who use coaching skills

Suggested Class Length:

  • Available as two-day intensive

  • Available as half-day training, offered quarterly

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in mastermind groups to further their practice.

Creative modalities, highly interactive and engaging programs, evidence-based interventions grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience, and psychological safety are just some of the great reasons to work with us. Plus, we're woman-owned and operated.

Get Coached

Individual and Group Coaching

Fast-track your growth as a leader through coaching. Our targeted interventions are grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology, and address specific skillsets, such as: developing empathy, perspective, self-awareness, resilience ("grit"), and improving creativity, listening skills, interpersonal abilities, and trust-building. 

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