Team Building Workshops 


Our experiential team building workshops leverage neuroscience, active learning strategies, and the power of humor to create psychologically safe environments where participants feel safe to take risks, share insights, and grow their edge.


Our workshops are ideal for: leadership development, company offsites, department meetings, and corporate retreats. 

Note: Any two half-day options can be combined for a full-day session.

Thinking on Your Feet

This highly participatory workshop uses the fundamentals of improv to illustrate how to think on your feet and communicate more effectively. Through experiential exercises, we'll highlight skills such as active listening, adaptability, and collaboration, and practice taking risks in a safe environment. After each exercise we will debrief what you’ve experienced and how you can apply your takeaways in the real world. Facilitated by former conservatory member at Chicago's Second City.

LEGO® Serious Play® method  

The LEGO Serious Play method gets 100% engagement and is an especially big hit with engineers, IT, and finance professionals. This highly participatory (yet introvert-friendly) experience enhances communication and communication among team members. Think of it as discussion in 3D! You'll literally be able to see what others are thinking. And you'll be using your hands, which fires up the brain for creativity and new learning. During the session, participants will answer a series of questions that delve a bit deeper with each step. Each participant builds his or her own 3D LEGO model in response to these questions by using specially selected LEGO bricks. These 3D models serve as the basis for group discussion and knowledge sharing. This fun process, which draws on neuroscience, creates a unique environment where everyone present feels compelled to bring their insights to the table: everyone builds and everyone shares. Check out our FOX News appearance and this clip from a client workshop at Rice.

Facilitator is certified in LEGO® Serious Play® method. All materials included.

Choose Your Word 

This empowering activity serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. A series of highly engaging exercises will help you find a word that has meaning for you. This word is one that you want to make a priority and commit to as your focus for the year or next 90 days. During the activity, you will explore goals, the barriers to them, and what daily reminder will help you achieve what matters most.


Everyone will share their word and why. This activates the goal you have set for yourself, and provides support and accountability for the word you choose.


Each participant will receive a personalized stamped disc with their word of intention as a keepsake. The engraved MyIntent® discs can be worn as bracelets or carried as a pocket tokens. All materials included.

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